The Healing Power Of Friendship

Close friends are much more than just social companions. They are considered confidants, siblings, and members of the family. With so much negativity happening the world today, the healing power of friendship can truly work miracles. In fact, studies have shown that friendships help ease anxiety and stress, along with being a shoulder to cry on during times of despair. Sadly, many people are alone in this world and do not have friends or loved ones to count on.

friendshipFriends come in many different packages. While some are only acquaintances in real life or on social media networks, others have grown up with you. This includes cousins, along with close friends from school or the same vicinity you live in. There are also other friends at work that people simply know from day to day interaction. A true friend, however, is someone you can discuss your problems with. He or she can also rely on you too for support and open ears when problems arise.

There are times, however, when friendships are tested across the board. This includes disagreements and fights, along with new people entering your lives. To maintain a lasting friendship, people need to be able to trust one another. In this day and age where ethics and morals seem a thing of the past, there are countless people that still have close friends and colleagues.

This is because they have overcome any misunderstandings or problems from the past. These individuals also know they can rely on one another for moral support during those challenging and trying times. For people that understand the true meaning of friendships, they know how valuable they are. No one wants to be alone in this world; however, issues and problems do happen every second in life. This often leaves people feeling unwanted or isolated by their loved ones and relatives.

There are also others that do not believe in close friends but only acquaintances. This helps them prevent any unnecessary tension or emotional ties to people. While this true, only real friends understand the trials and tribulations of entanglements and issues within these bonds. It is through their commitment and love that they can withstand all outside forces on interference that are trying to break the relationship up.

This can stem from jealousy from those around you, along with girlfriends or boyfriends that want to monopolize your time and attention. While time heals all wounds, friends can help each other through anything. Whether it is relationship or family issues, they are always there with a keen eye and open ear. This helps eliminate negativity in life, while helping tackle insecurities and other common social problems.

Friendships not only make people happier but are also great for moral support. No truer is this then when it comes to senior citizens in home and hospitals. Sadly, many elderly patients are often neglected by loved ones and even those that are supposed to care for them. By volunteering to be a friend to these folks in their golden years, you can truly raise their spirits.

friends laughingThis can help them feel better, while eliminating mental stress, worries, and anxiety. There are also programs designed to help kids with no elder siblings. These are Big Brother and Big Sister programs, which are great for establishing last friendships and showing these kids that someone does care.

Having close ties to someone has also been proven to help tackle medical ailments and illnesses. With true friends, people experiencing health problems feel secure and loved. They also feel like they are wanted, and that life does have some purpose. Whether via charitable or philanthropic organizations, there are many people in need of companionship and simply acknowledgment.

The healing power of friends is truly God sent. Even if you do not believe in organized religion, you can still reap the benefits of close relationships with colleagues, loved ones, and others. You simply need to be yourself, however, set your limits, so lines are not crossed. The same should also be said of others that want to have people that they can communicate and rely on during hard times.

If you truly want to make the most out of life, nothing is more satisfying that having true friends and confidants. Even if you prefer acquaintances, you can learn about others, and they will learn about you. This includes shared hobbies and interests, along with views on current events and a whole range of topics. All it takes is a simply friendly approach, and you may have a new best friend for life.